Improve Your Sex Life with CBD

A lot of people may be wondering how cannabidiol (CDB) can improve their sex life. Whether you want an extra boost in bed, or you’re experiencing a challenge, CBD can help you. It is used for years to help with various ailments. In fact, men and women can benefit from its amazing effects without the fear of getting “high” since hemp-based CBD has low THC content (0.3%). CBD works thru interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a complex network of receptors in the body that helps regulate the organs, nervous system and the immune system.

In the human body, CBD triggers the serotonin receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems of the body that can relieve stress. Also, it has properties that can lessen anxiety by reducing the decline of the “bliss” hormone, also known as anandamide. For instance, CBD lowers the anxiety factor that may affect the sexual performance of both men and women; this is turn decrease tension, edginess and improves the ability to experience the “moment” during sexual intimacy. Studies found out that 64% of CBD users had improved satisfaction with their sex life.

How can CBD help men?

First, CBD helps lessen premature ejaculation. With its anti-anxiety properties that decrease the primary factor in premature ejaculation which is “performance caused anxiety.” Along with it, CBD has anxiolytic effects that can make erection last longer, hence a better-timed ejaculation and successful penetration. For those who have erectile dysfunction, a sexual disorder induced by a toxin called dioxin; CBD helps prevent dioxin from forming in the body and flushes it out from the body and decrease cases of erectile dysfunction for men.

For women

Women usually experience pain and discomfort during sex; this is probably because of dryness or irritation in the vaginal opening. Specifically, CBD can help through increasing blood flow and natural lubrication during intercourse. Since CBD also reduces stress, it can improve stimulation and pleasure while having sex. It also has an essential benefit on balancing women’s estrogen levels. It can help stabilize mood and relieve pain.


Research and studies on CBD are still being done to provide us with the latest and accurate information. To discover the benefits of CBD on your sex life the best thing to is to try it for yourself. Each person has a unique body, and CBD has diverse effects on men and women that can help improve our sex life.

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