Affiliate Program: Join the Enjoy Remedies Family

Enjoy Remedies created this affiliate program for anyone and everyone in mind, and you don’t need a big fancy website or a ton of followers. Specifically, we came up with an initiative that not only helps people but also gives value to their life. How are we different from other affiliate programs? Here at Enjoy Remedies, we give back; specifically, we help people, families, and veterans that need CBD but may not have the means to obtain it. In fact, every product purchased from our website or affiliate, a portion of it goes to our give-back initiative. Maybe you’re asking yourself, that you’re not an “influencer” or you don’t have thousands of followers. The number of followers is not a factor to be in our affiliate program. Since we want our affiliates to join the Enjoy Family, we want them to know what CBD can do to improve their health and the lives of others who need it.

What are the benefits of being an Enjoy Affiliate?

  • If you join our affiliate program, you will get a 40% discount code for yourself and your family on all our products.


  • A unique coupon code with a 15% discount will be generated for the affiliates to share with their followers.


  • Our affiliates will get 15% commission that is paid on a bi-weekly basis.


  • 180 days cookies. It just means, if your follower clicks your link to buy a product in our store and doesn’t purchase at that time, within 180 days if they return to the site the affiliate will still receive the commission, and the link does not need to be re-clicked.


  • Affiliates will also be the first to try our new products.

Enjoy Remedies is a family that helps people. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality CBD products and give back to those who can’t afford it. Therefore, for every item purchased in our website, a portion of the profit goes towards our commitment to distribute CBD to veterans, families, and people that live with ailments affecting their health in which our products can aid for their relief. As a result, we want to utilize the power of buying CBD to better use by giving back to those who need it but don’t have the financial capability to purchase.

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